Alternative Leathers Co. was founded to move the plant-based materials industry forward. Our mission is to empower creators with easy access to the world's most innovative and sustainable materials. We are the first company to bring plant-based materials to small business owners across the globe.

Our founders, Riley Howlett and Blake Adam, grew up together on the west coast of Canada in British Columbia. They are passionate about the environment and believe that the textiles industry can play an important role in moving towards a more sustainable future.

  • Piñatex®

    Developed in the 1990s as a sustainable alternative to the many materials that harm our environment, today Piñatex is used by some of the most trusted brands in the world.

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  • Desserto®

    Desserto is a unique and environmentally friendly material used by iconic brands such as Fossil, Adidas and Mercedes. It was developed in Mexico by a manufacturer that is passionate about moving the textiles industry towards a more sustainable future.

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  • Vegea®

    Produced in Italy, Vegea is a leading supplier of innovative materials. They use residue from the wine making process to create a durable, elegant material that has received international recognition.

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