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Vegea® Grape Leather

Vegea® Grape Leather

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Vegea grape leather is a bio-based material produced in Italy from the processing of grape skins, stalks and seeds derived from wine production. This innovative material has been featured in products by iconic brands such as Calvin Klein, H&M, Bentley, Diadora, and Serapian. Vegea is 1.1mm thick and has a soft backing made out of recycled polyester. You can learn more about how Vegea is produced here or scroll down the page for more detailed technical specifications. 

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VEGEA® Grape Leather

Product Details

Technical Details

• Thickness: 1.1 mm (+/-10%)
• Backing: Recycled Polyester
• Contains 55% vegetal resins and grape; 45% water-based PU
• Tensile Strength (along): >350 N/5cm
• Tensile Strength (across): >100 N/5cm
• Extension @ 50 N (along): <30%
• Extension @ 50 N (across): <30%
• Tear Strength (along): >20 N
• Tear Strength (across): >20 N
• Adhesion (dry - along): >8 N/cm
• Adhesion (dry - across): >8 N/cm
• Flexures Resistance @ +20°C: >100,000 cycles
• Flexures Resistance @ -10°C: >5,000 cycles
• Abrasion Resistance (Dry): >50,000 cycles
• Abrasion Resistance (Wet): >2,000 cycles


Vegea grape leather is a versatile material that can be used to create a wide variety of products. Some of the more common uses include:

• Handbags and accessories
• Footwear
• Apparel
• Furniture and interiors
• Automotive interiors

Notable brands that have used Vegea grape leather in their products include Calvin Klein, H&M, Bentley, Diadora and Serapian. You can read more about these collaborations here.


The Vegea production process is free from toxic solvents and heavy metals. Vegea is Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Certified, REACH Compliant, a member of Climate-KIC, which is Europe's largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate innovation. In 2018 Vegea was a recipient of the Global Change Award from the H&M Foundation.


Vegea grape leather can be ironed on the reverse side only. It should be dry cleaned using any solvent except Trichloroethylene. Do not bleach, wash in a washing machine, or tumble dry.